Unique natural setting at the heart of the Allier gorges,

shaped by volcanos and living waters.

Against this cliff, the river takes a loop that gave its name to the village, encircling in a peninsula the old neighbourhood. With its three historic monuments, Lavoûte-Chilhac offers a surprising heritage in its exceptional natural environment.

The village is a dead end that you'll never want to leave, 291 inhabitants and nearly as many associations, turned towards nature and leisure activities : canoe, rafting, hot-air balloon, hiking...

You leave your car apart, abandon your shoes and time is forgotten. 

Heritage & points of interest

One only has to cross the bridge to rejoin the abbey church surrounded by the Cluniac priory. The Place des Anciens Moulins receives the festivities and the bocce ball players. The "Old Lavoûte and its numerous "traboules", narrow alleys that run between the houses such as a maze. The Maison des Oiseaux, small local animal wildlife museum. The Saint-Cirgues church in the neighbouring village has some beautiful frescoes dating from the 14th century.


The river beaches

   - Lavoûte, supervised beach at the heart of the village.

   - Saint-Cirgues, an end of day beach with a perfect crack of dawn exposure.

   - Chilhac, sand beach where one can enjoy an ice cream on a terrace.

 Le Pêcheur restaurant

Terrace on the village square 

Music concert every Friday in July and August

Menu at 16-20€


Le Café de la Tour

Terrace in front of the medieval bridge

Numerous events during summer

Cutting boards alluring fine meats and cheeses


Pizza Loulou 

Take away pizza, only 50 meters from the house,
that you can eat in the CHA-RI-VA-RI garden

Food & drinks

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